Auction Hunters- Spike TV’s Storage Auction Show

Auction Hunters premiered on Spike TV in November of 2010. It’s Spike TV’s version of the popular storage auction show format that competes with A&E’s successful Storage Wars series, which premiered in December of 2010. Both shows are great and quite entertaining. Auction Hunters focuses on two individuals, Alan Haff, and Clinton “Ton” Jones. Alan is an antiques dealer, and by age 24, he owned his own antique business in Houston, Texas. He moved to Los Angeles about 10 years ago and promptly got into the storage auction business. Ton has knowledge and experience in a wide variety of collectables including currency, jewelry, guns, knives, and swords. The show follows the pair participating in storage auctions all over the Southern California area, and in other parts of the nation as well. According to press information released by Auction Hunters, there are approximately 50,000 abandoned storage units with an estimated value of $1 billion worth of goods and merchandise. Alan and Ton’s expertise allows them to clear a very nice profit from their storage auction purchases.

Auction Hunters Storage Auction Show
Alan Haff, and Clinton Jones, the Auction Hunters

During one episode set in Los Angeles, Alan and Ton bought a storage locker for $1500. It contained a rare, vintage copper cash register that they sold to an antique dealer for $1900. On another episode, the pair won storage units that contained a vintage GMC pickup truck, and one of the first upright coin operated Coke vending machines. They took home a tidy profit of $6900.

During it’s first season, Auction Hunters consisted of 8 shows, and averaged about 1.5 million viewers. It’s finale show in late December 2010 brought in 2.3 million viewers. The second season premiered on April 5, and 20 episodes are scheduled to air. While season one focused on storage auctions in the Southern California area, season two will follow Alan and Ton traveling across the country bidding on various units. If you like A&E’s Storage Wars, you will definitely like Auction Hunters.

Auction Hunters airs on Spike TV on Tuesdays, at 10pm. Check your local guide for air times.

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