Storage Wars Season 2 Episode 28 Tanks for the Memories

This location of the auction in this episode of Storage Wars took place in Huntington Beach, CA. Barry Weiss made his grand entrance driving in with his Jaguar. Everybody was hyped about this auction because Huntington Beach usually has a lot of high end items stored inside units. When the lock was cut off of the first storage unit, there did not seem to be too much excitement among the group of bidders. It contained mostly camping related items such as a sleeping bag, and an outdoor lantern. Barry got things going with a whopping $25 bid. Things did start to pick up when Darrell Sheets showed some interest by getting into the action. Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante got in as well. The bidding got up to $400, and just when it looked like Darrell was going to win, Barry edged him out with a winning bid of $425.

The next unit was opened up and it looked a little more promising than the first unit. There was also camping related items in here as well, but there was a slew of fishing poles that would actually make this unit a good opportunity for someone, if it could be had at the right price. Darrell was especially interested in this unit, having once worked for a fishing equipment and supplies store. Barry made the first bid, and Darrell countered with his bid. Dave got in with at $5oo. Jarrod and Brandi countered with $550. Darrell jumped in with $575, and nobody was willing to go any higher. Darrell was the winner.

Barry Weiss found a World War Two Army Helmet, a Gas Mask, and a Sherman Tank Periscope.

The final auction of the day featured a fully packed unit. It was full all the way up to the top. Everyone wanted this unit as it looked quite promising. There was a jewelry box inside that peaked everyone’s interest. The bidding started out at $1000. Bid were flying left and right, between Jarrod, Darrell and Dave. Jarrod’s strategy this auction was to immediately outbid Dave Hester each time he placed a bid. He and Darrell devised a plan just before the auction started to make sure that Dave went home that day empty handed. Every “YUUUP” that came out of Dave’s mouth was followed with a “YUUUP” out of Jarrod’s mouth. It got intense for a moment or two, and after going to battle with each other, Jarrod won the war with a $2700 winning bid.

When Barry Weiss got inside his unit to see what he acquired, he found mostly camping equipment. It seemed like that was all that he was going to find, until he spotted a blue duffle bag. He opened it up and immediately got excited when found a World War Two U.S. army helmet. In addition to the army helmet, he found an M16 gas mask and a Sherman tank periscope. He was hoping that he found some really valuable WWII souvenirs, so he took the items to the American Military Museum, in El Monte, CA. The expert who looked at Barry’s items gave him an estimate of $150-$250 for the helmet, $50 for the gas mask, and $125-$130 for the periscope. Barry was not too happy because he was expecting more for these items.

Darrell opened his unit and had a chance to inspect all of the fishing poles and fishing gear inside. He figured that the fishing gear was worth about $1000 in total. Barry came over to see what Darrell had won, and he helped him pull out a table that was identified as an electronic bridge table. They took the table to a friend of Barry’s to get it appraised. He demonstrated how the table worked, and then gave Darrell an appraised value of $2000.

Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante inspected their unit, and immediately went to the jewelry box to see if they could find some treasure. They were disappointed when they opened it up and found costume jewelry inside. They found what appeared to be a nut and bolt storage cabinet, and when they opened it up, they found REAL jewelry inside of it! There was gold and silver jewlry inside, and they even found some silver coins in this unit as well. They paid $2700 for this unit, and after all was said and done, they estimated that they made a profit of $2510 after their initial investment.

Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante ruled the roost in this episode.
They made a profit of $2510.
Darrell Sheets came in second, making a $2155 profit.
Dave Hester when home empty handed, thanks to Jarrod’s strategy that day.
Barry Weiss ended up at -$45 after not finding anything worthwhile in his storage unit.

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