Storage Wars Season 2 Episode 42 – Smoke ‘Em If You Find ‘Em

This storage unit auction took place in Newport Beach, CA. at the Mini U Storage. As usual, Barry Weiss rides in on an interesting vehicle, his 1955 Harley Davidson motorcycle. In this episode of Storage Wars, a new player is introduced. Her name is Nabila Haniss, and she is famous for buying the contents of the storage locker that once belonged to Paris Hilton for $2,775, after Hilton failed to pay her $208 storage bill. Nabila subsequently sold the items  for $10 million to entrepreneur Bardia Persa, creator of the website, The site let visitors view Paris Hilton’s bank account records, her home videos, and personal diaries for modest fee of $39.97. What a deal, don’t you agree? I wish I would have known, or I would have been all over that…NOT! Anyway, there was a messy lawsuit and as of today, the website appears to be history.

The first storage unit of the day was a small, yet very clean unit. It contained several enclosed boxes. Nabila and Dave Hester got into a bidding war. There was another guy who got into the action that used a rubber chicken that squeaked to place his bids. Barry jumped in, then Nabila dropped out when the price got too high. Eventually, Barry ended up winning the unit for $1600.

brandi passante pictures
From Left: Barry Weiss, Dave Hester, Brandi Passante, Laura Dotson, Dan Dotson, and Darrell Sheets

The next unit when opened revealed golf clubs and some antique furniture. Nabila and Jarrod Schulz went to war over this unit, as Jarrod’s wife, Brandi Passante stood by taking in the action. Dave jumped in and the betting went back and forth between the two. The bidding got intense, then Dave Hester figured the price got too high, allowing Jarrod to win the unit for $3300.00

The final unit of the day contained furniture and boxes. There did not appear to be anything of any worth in this unit. Nabila and the guy with the rubber chicken bid against each other. Nabila beat out the guy with a winning bid of $450.00

When Barry Weiss inspected the contents of the storage unit that he successfully won, he found mostly junk. In one funny moment when he felt that there was nothing but crap inside, he banged his head up against the wall in disgust.
Then he found something quite interesting. It was an ivory figure of a lady apparently used in Chinese medicine. He took it to a Chinese acupuncture clinic to have it inspected by the lady who operated the clinic. She explained to him that it was used by women in China to point out specific spots on their bodies that they were having medical problems with. She estimated it to be worth about $1000.

Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante inspected their locker and found some handmade carpets, golf clubs, an antique folding table and antique buffet. Brandi spotted a wooden box and opened it. She found what appeared to be silver cigarette cases, also called cigarette holders. They seemed positioned to make a good amount of money back on the furniture alone, but not all of it. They took the cigarette cases to a lady who was familiar with these types of items and she immediately gave the impression that these cigarette cases had some value. The first cigarette case was sterling silver. She estimated the value at $1000. The second was valued at $400-$500. The third was valued at $$300-$400. The final cigarette case was the most interesting because it was hand painted and featured a picture of Napoleon Bonaparte in battle. She came to the conclusion that it was in fact not a cigarette case, but actually a pastilles, or lozenges box made sometime between 1805 and 1812. She valued it at somewhere between $4000-$5000, so Jarrod and Brandi really scored.

Darrell Sheets and Dave Hester did not buy any units this day.

At the end of the day, the totals looked like this:

Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante made a profit of $5400.
Nabila Haniss made a profit of $450.
Dave “The Mogul” Hester made ZERO.
Darrrel “The Gambler” Sheets made Zero.
Barry “The Collector” Weiss lost $550.

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