Storage Wars Season 2 Episode 43 The Drone Wars

This was another zany episode of Storage Wars. This storage unit auction took place in Gardena, California.  Barry Weiss drove in with his 70’s Chevy Van, and he brought with him Lt. Col. Ken Rogers, who happens to be Kenny Rogers Jr. He said that he has flown 11,000 sorties, and he brought a small remote control drone with him to fly into the storage units to capture the contents by camera.  Dave Hester arrived with his son, Dave Hester, Jr. Nabila Haniss showed up at this auction as well. Nabila is famous for buying Paris Hilton’s unpaid storage unit for $2,775, after Paris Hilton did not pay her measly little $208 storage bill. Nabila sold all the items inside the locker for the sum of $10 million to Bardia Persa, a web entrepreneur.

The first unit of the episode was opened up and it appeared to contain quite a bit of sports equipment. Some cross bows were clearly visible inside. There was also a big tool chest, and all in all, it appeared to be a clean, neat locker. It looked promising. Barry got things going with the first bid of $500. Then everyone jumped in. Dave Hester was in a battle with Darrell Sheets, and Jarrod Schulz threw in his bids as well. The price was getting really high, and even Brandi Passante got in on the action with a $3200 bid. It came down to Nabila and Jarrod at the end, and Jarrod finally beat her out with a $3400 winning bid.

The second storage unit of the episode appeared to be a 10×30 unit. It was a deep unit. Nabila noticed a big screen TV way in the back. Darrell said that he wanted to go home with this unit as it showed some good potential. The bidding started with a $400 bid from Nabila. Darrell and Dave left her in the dust with their bids that were really driving up the price. The bidding was coming to an end, and it looked like Darrell was going to take it home for $1400. At the last minute, Barry jumped in at $1450. Darrell came back with $1550, then Barry blew Darrell away with a winning bid of $1650.

The last auction of the day was another 10×30 storage unit. There appeared to be quite a few tools inside, mostly construction tools and equipment. There was a bicycle inside as well. Barry decided to unveil his secret weapon, and he had his friend, Lt. Col. Ken Rogers fly the remote control drone inside the unit. It was a hair brained idea, resulting in the drone crashing. Dan Dotson, the auctioneer, was not happy with the stunt. He would not allow Barry to go inside the unit to get the drone, and he banned him from bidding on the unit as well. The bidding on this unit went wild. Jarrod placed the first bid of $1000, and it went straight up from there. Darrell, Dave, and Nabila were duking it out with each other. Everyone wanted this unit. At the end, it was Dave and Darrell blasting away at each other with their bids. It got up to $4000, then $5000, then $6000! Dave finally threw in the towel in the end, and Darrell won the unit for $7k! Nabila made a comment to Dave that there was no way this unit was worth $7k, and she told Dave that he “rammed this unit up Darrell’s ass.”

Darrell Sheets
Darrell Sheets, shown with his son Brandon Sheets, went home the big winner of the day with an $18000 profit made from his $7000 storage unit.

Jarrod and Brandi checked out their unit, and found some decent items inside. It appeared that they were going to make most of their money back. They found a statue of a bear eating a salmon, which weighed about 25lbs. Also found were some cross bow which could possibly bring in some decent money. They took the cross bows to an expert to have them valued. The gentleman told Jarrod and Brandi that the bows were worth about $250 due to the fact that they were 20 years old, and old technology. It wasn’t what they wanted to hear.

Barry found an old glass curio case that was about 100 years old. He estimated it to be worth $1600. There was also other antique furniture inside. Barry noticed a duffle bag, and when he opened it up, he found a leather pouch with some jewelry inside. He took the jewelry to a friend of his, Caron Hopkins, who owns a shop called “A State Of Mind.”
Caron looked at the jewelry and examined a pearl necklace that she said was real, not costume. She valued it at $500. There was also an early 50’s necklace that was worth $200. And the last item she inspected for Barry was a 1920’s vintage sterling necklace that she valued at $2000.

Darrell and his son, Brandon Sheets, opened up their $7000 locker to see what was inside. Darrell got really excited when he immediately spotted 100 boxes of travertine tiles imported from Spain. Darrrel estimated the travertine at $7000, making him break even on the unit with just the the tile by itself. Then he found 56 boxes of 1/2″ oak wood that was worth $10k. There was also a new DeWalt cut-off saw, new in the box valued at $300. And a new Jacuzzi tub, valued between $3-$4k. Darrell ended up the big winner of the day, and I am sure he felt good about sticking it to Dave with this unit.

The profits made from this episode are as follows:

Darrell Sheets went home with a $18,000 profit.
Barry Weiss made a profit of $2025.
Jarrod and Brandi squeaked out a measly $570 profit.
Dave Hester went home again, empty handed.

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