Storage Wars Season Two Episode 39 – Make It Rain, Girl

This storage auction took place in Simi Valley, CA. which is about 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Barry Weiss arrived on his 1997 Bimota DB3 Mantra motorcycle with his skeleton jacket. There were about 500 people at this storage unit auction. The first storage unit door was opened and it revealed lots of furniture and household goods. The bidding went back and forth between Jarrod Schulz and Dave Hester. Darrell Sheets jumped in at the end, but ultimately Jarrod and Brandi Passante won the unit for $2200.00

The second storage auction unit was much smaller. It didn’t have much in it, and it appeared to contain some household items. Dave Hester and Jarrod Schulz were bidding against each other on this unit. Barry Weiss jumped in for a few bids, but Dave ended up winning the unit for $750.00

The third and final storage unit auction of the day was a three door unit, being sold as one entire unit. Dave spotted a trunk inside, and so did Brandi and Jarrod. Darrell wanted this unit badly as well. When the bidding began, it was Dave and Jarrod battling it out with each other. Brandi jumped in for a few bids as well. Then Darrell got in on the action and starting bidding. Darrell emerged as the winner of the unit, with a $2500 bid.

brandi storage wars pics
Storage Wars Hottie Brandi Passante with her husband, Jarrod Schulz

When Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante inspected their unit, they immediately found a safe. While Brandi was checking out the safe, Jarrod found another larger safe hidden underneath a blanket. They took the safes back to their business, the Now and Then Thrift Store, located in Orange County, CA. Jarrod was able to break open the first safe, and he found some old coins. He called in a safe cracker to break open the second safe, which was quite larger. When it was finally opened, it revealed old pirate treasure. There were also lots of U.S. coins and currency. You can imagine the excitement when Jarrod and Brandi saw all of that valuable stuff. They took the coins and currency to an expert. He identified the pirate treasure as Silver Half-Reales. These coins were recovered from the Spanish ship “El Cazador” which was lost in a storm in the Gulf of Mexico in January of 1784. After the expert assessed the coins, he determined everything that Jarrod and Brandi found was valued at approximately $4000.00

Dave Hester found nothing of real value in his storage unit. The one item that showed any hope of value was a small, hand-painted porcelain box. After some research, he found out that it was actually an old snuff box. He drove to someone who could give him a value on it, and as he opened the door of his truck to get out, he dropped the snuff box and damaged it. He was quite pissed off, cussing at himself, and I am sure this was a little humorous for those people who do not particularly like Dave. What was Dave Hester’s snuff box worth? We will never know. He was so upset that he did not want to go in and find out the value of the snuff box.

Darrell Sheets and his son, Brandon Sheets, found the typical stuff everyone finds in storage units. Mostly odds and ends such as DVD’s, a couch, chair, cushions, and an old trunk from A.E. Meek Trunk and Bag Company, Denver Colorado. There was some excitement for a brief moment before the trunk was opened, and when it was, it revealed nothing but junk inside. They did find a very nice humidor which was in excellent condition. They also found a small post card sized painted piece of wood inside, which was later identified as a cigar holder. After having the humidor and cigar holder appraised, the value of the humidor was estimated to be about $1300-$1500, and the cigar holder at somewhere between $600-$800.

Barry Weiss rode off into the sunset on his motorcycle without acquiring a unit.

At the end of the day, the scores are as follows:

Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante made a profit of $4600.
Darrell Sheets made a profit of $2600.
Dave Hester made a profit of $600.
Barry Weiss made nothing this time around.

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