Storage Wars Season Two Episode 41 The Empire Strikes Out

Dave Hester showed off his brand new white truck and trailer in this new episode of Storage Wars. His truck had custom license plates displaying his trademark “YUUUP!” The sides of his truck and trailer also sported his new business, Dave Hester Auctions. The first storage unit of the day was opened and the very first thing everyone noticed was a nice headboard from a bed. There was other furniture inside as well.. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Dave Hester made the comment that the unit was not worth more that $500. Barry led the pack with the first bid on this unit. Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante got in on the action. The bidding went back and forth between Barry and Jarrod, with Barry winning the auction with a final bid of $1550.

The next unit was a 10×20. When the door was opened, it appeared that there was an entire household of furniture inside. Brandi noticed a box labeled “Hot Wheels” and this got Jarrod excited. Dave threw out the first bid. The bidding went on between Dave, Jarrod and Barry. Jarrod held his ground against the others and ended up winning the storage unit for a whopping $3000.

Brandi Passante from Storage Wars.

The third and final unit of the show was another 10×20. It was full of things which included stereo equipment, bikes, and car parts. Barry made the first bid, then it ended up being a three man race between Darrell Sheets, Dave, and Jarrod. Darrell finally made the winning bid of $825 for the unit.

When Barry inspected the contents of his unit, he found a washer machine, and a nice headboard from a bed. He was poking around the unit somewhat carelessly and he grabbed a leg from what appeared to be a cabinet. The leg broke off, the cabinet fell, and the other stacked furniture in the unit fell over and hit Barry right on the head! The crew filming this episode had to check Barry out to see if he was okay. One crew member handed Barry a few tissues to hold up against his head, so it appeared that he was bleeding a little bit. The only thing of value Barry found in this unit was a glass statue. He took it to a friend who identified it as a teak and stone statue of a Hindu Goddess, which also functioned as a lamp.
Barry’s friend immediately offered him $1000, but Barry asked him what the real value of it was and he estimated between $3500-$4000. Barry declined the offer, and as he was leaving, he dropped the statue on his friend’s glass display case, breaking the glass. It looks like Barry will have to deduct the cost of the replacement glass from the value of the statue when he sells it.

Jarrod and Brandi found boxes of Hot Wheels cars in their storage unit. They also found glassware, speakers, CD’s, records, and a stereo receiver. They paid $3000 for this unit and as Jarrod was adding up the value of the contents, it was obvious that he was trying really hard to try to break even on this unit. Jarrod estimated all of the contents at $3160. Brandi was not happy. Hopefully when they do sell off these items they will break even.

Darrell “The Gambler” Sheets found camera equipment, car parts, turntables, stereo equipment, and mostly odds and ends in his storage unit. He did find a wanted poster for Pablo Escobar, the famous Colombian drug kingpin, printed in Spanish. Darrell thought this may have some value, so he took the poster to a friend of his who collected law enforcement memorabilia. Darrell was hoping for a big score, but unfortunately the poster was only worth about $30.

The big winner of this episode was Barry Weiss with $2450 in profit.
Darrell Sheets came in second place, with a profit of $850.
Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante scraped out a huge profit of $160.
Dave Hester drove home empty in his “YUUUP” truck.

Be sure to watch Storage Wars every Tuesday on A&E, and also the new spin off series, Storage Wars Texas.
Storage Wars Texas features newcomers Victor Rjesnjansky, Lesa Lewis, Jerry Simpson, Bubba Smith, and Ricky Smith.
Playing the part of Dan Dotson in this series is auctioneer, Walt Cade.




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