Storage Wars Texas Episode 2

This episode of Storage Wars Texas occured in Irving, Texas. In the opening scene, Moe Prigoff came riding in with his super nice old classic car. Moe reminds everyone so much of Barry Weiss. When the first auction of the day commenced, the unit was opened up and there were a golf clubs,neatly packed boxes, and a few glass bottles. Bubba Smith, Lesa Lewis, Victor Rjesnjansky, and Moe Prigoff, all got into the auction. Lesa and Bubba took each other on, the Bubba won out in the end, taking the storage unit for a nifty sum of $925.00

The next storage unit of the day appeared to be a real small unit. There was not much in it except a frame for a wooden futon and some miscellaneous junk. Nobody was impressed, however Victor Rjesnjansky attempted to get this unit on the cheap, hopefully finding some nice inside that could not be seen. Victor threw out an initial bid for $10 bid. Another person bid $18, prompting Victor to bid $20. That was too much for everyone, so Victor prevailed and walked away with the unit for a whopping $20.

The last storage auction of the show was a locker that appeared to contain items related to a sewing business. There was materials, hangers, a sewing machine, and a bunch of boxes. Lesa and Moe went to war over this unit. Lesa did not want to lose out on this unit because she feels the others do not consider her as a contender in the business. At one point during the bidding Lesa covered up Moe’s mouth with her hand. Moe then said “who knows where that hand has been.”  Moe ended up winning the storage unit for $750. This really pissed off Lesa and she walked away and went home.

In this photo: Walt Cade, Lesa Lewis, Jerry Simpson, Victor Rjesnjansky, Bubba Smith, Ricky Smith

Bubba Smith and Rick Smith proceeded to check out their unit, and they found some body armour and swords. In one box, Bubba saw Star Wars action figures from 1979 in their original boxes. Rick and Bubba took the action figures to Dallas Vintage Toys to find out how much they were worth. The guy who inspected the Star War figures stunned Rick and Bubba with a value of $3000-$3500! The second action figure was valued at $750, the third came in at $1500, and the last remaining Star Wars action figure was valued at $3000+. Not bad for a days work!

Inside Victor’s unit, he found the futon and a gym bag. When he opened it up, he immediately saw a Swiss Army knife. This knife had quite a few blades and tools. It was unusual. Victor took the a knife to a store to be valued. It turned out to be a Wenger Swiss Army knife, featuring 120 different functions. The gentleman at the store valued the knife at $1000, and then Victor offered to sell it to him. They man said thay there was no way that he could not pay that much, so he countered at $300. Eventually, Victor and the man settled on $500 and he sold the knife.

In addition to the sewing machine and other sewing related items, Inside Moe’s unit, he saw what appeared to be a crystal ball, as well as a  set of fortune teller cards. Moe took these to a fortune teller so she could give him an estimate of their worth. The fortune teller came up with a value of the crystal ball at $400, and she said the fortune teller cards were worth about $350. Moe was quite pleased with the results.

When the show concluded, the storage unit auction results were:

Ricky and Bubba Smith earned a nifty profit of $8000.00+
Victor made a profit of $570.00
Moe Prigoff walked away with $375.
Lesa Lewis did not end up buying a unit.

About the Storage Wars Texas cast:
Morris “Moe” Prigoff is a podiatrist. He also owns an antique store called the “River Regency Modern.
Victor Rjesnjansky hails from Long Island, New York. He has a clothing consignment store and a real estate business.
The Storage Wars Texas auctioneer is no other than Walt Cade.
Lesa Lewis opened up a new thrift store called “Again and Again Resale.” Jerry Simpson assists Lesa with auctions and the store.
Bubba Smith, and his uncle, Ricky Smith have been together for 20 years buying up storage units.

Storage Wars Texas is on each Tuesday on A&E television.

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