Storage Wars Texas Season 1 Episode 12 Mo Money, Moe Prigoff

This new episode of Storage Wars Texas took place in Longview, Texas. There was a large crowd of people at this auction, probably 100, or more. Moe Prigoff arrived in his classic car, a 1956 two-tone Pontiac. Many viewers are asking themselves, “Is Moe Prigoff Barry Weiss?”  Barry and Moe seem to have so much in common, and if they lived in the same city, they could even be best buddies. When the first storage unit of the day was opened up, it contained some mid century furniture, an old computer, and a moldy deep freezer among other things. Victor Rjesnjansky started the bidding at $100. Moe made a comment that he was tired of Victor driving up the price of storage units, and the “Doctor” wanted to give him a taste of his old medicine. Victor and Moe got into it and as the bidding was getting up there, Victor said that he was going to bail out and drop this unit into Moe’s lap. However, Victor got caught with the last bid of $475 and Moe was ecstatic that he stuck Victor with this unit.

Unit number two was unveiled and it had truck tires, wheels, and some paintings. Victor, as usual, made the first bid of $125.  Ricky, Lesa and Moe all got on board as well. There was not much excitement over this unit. Victor attempted to pay back Moe by driving the price of the unit up a little higher. Moe eventually won the unit with a bid of $425.

Lesa Lewis from Storage Wars Texas.

Unit number three was opened up and it had lots of tools inside. Ricky Smith and Bubba Smith were quite interested in the contents of this unit. They made mention that it appeared to be a contractor’s unit, and that is was possible to make some good profit off of it. Lesa Lewis was interested in this unit as well. Victor began the bidding at $150. Moe threw out a bid and was quickly topped by Lesa. It was back and forth between Victor, Moe, Lesa and Bubba. Bubba eventually prevailed with a winning bid of $1100.

Lesa Lewis and Jerry Simpson went home without winning a unit.

When Victor inspected his storage unit, he found mostly old furniture and other common items that were not really worth much. He found some oil paintings as well. When he moved some of the furniture, he quickly got excited when he spotted an antique mantle clock. He began opening some boxes, and he found another antique clock. And another. By the time he was done he acquired a total of four antique clocks. He later took the clocks to a lady at a clock shop to have them appraised. She estimated the value of one clock, made sometime between 1905-1915, at $400. The second clock, an art deco clock from the 1930’s, was valued at $800. The third clock, made in 1968, was valued at $1600. And the last clock, a German Mantle clock, was valued at $1200. Victor was quite happy that the unit that Moe stuck him with turned out to be a real winner.

When Ricky and Bubba Smith checked out their storage unit, they were overwhelmed by the huge number of tool boxes, and the tools inside. They hit pay dirt with this unit. There were also air compressors inside, a generator, and some golf clubs as well. All in all, they did very well with this unit. After all was said and done, they made a $2300 profit off of this unit.

When it was Moe Prigoff’s turn to inspect his storage unit, he found tires, wheels, a lighted mirror, and some unique musical drums. Moe is quite the visionary when it comes to art, and furniture. He visited an old friend and gave her the tires and wheels to transform his locker of junk into a unit of “fabulous” furnishings. The wheels were made into unique chandeliers. He ended up splitting the profit of his items with her to cover the cost of transforming the junk into nice pieces of desirable furnishings. He took the musical drums to a group of local hippies who get together once a week to make “music” together. Two of the hippies inspected the drums for Moe, and they identified them as musical drums produced somewhere in the Caribbean.  They both determined that the drums had a value of $350 each.

At the end of this episode, the results are as follows:

Victor ended up the big winner with a profit of $3400.
Ricky Smith and Bubba Smith made a profit of $2300.
Moe Prigoff, after splitting his profit with his friend, made $2155.
Lesa Lewis and Jerry Simpson went home empty handed.

As a side note, Victor Rjesnjansky is from Long Island, New York. Victor is the owner of two businesses, an estate sale business, and  a clothing consignment store. Morris “Moe” Prigoff  is a podiatrist, and he operates an antique store, the River Regency Modern. Lesa Lewis owns and operates the “Again and Again Resale” thrift store.

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