Storage Wars Texas Season 1 Episode 3 Snake, Rattle And Roll

This episode opens up with Lesa Lewis and Jerry Simpson in her new shop, the “Again and Again Resale” thrift store. They were deciding what items they were going to sell, and what she was going to take home with her. Jerry explained that if she keeps the items she buys, she is not going to make any money….

The storage unit auction in this episode took place in Arlington, Texas. Rick and Bubba Smith are shown driving in with their big pickup truck, and Victor Rjesnjansky drives in with his flashy BMW. The lock was cut off of the first unit revealing some living room furniture, or perhaps some office furniture. The auction began with Victor throwing out the first bid of $200.  Lesa jumped in with a $250 bid, and went back and forth with Victor until Bubba Smith upped them. After everything was said and done, Bubba and Rick won this unit for $475.

The lock was cut off of the second unit and it had a few old interior doors, and a scooter parked inside. There was not too much in this unit to really get excited about. Rick and Bubba got together and crafted a plan to screw up Victor. They pretended to get on their mobile phone to research the value of the scooter. Bubba said that all he was actually doing was checking his email. They knew this scooter was worthless, but they gave Victor the impression that it was worth some big bucks. Victor threw out the first bid of $500, with Rick and Bubba coming right back with $550. Victor came back at $600, and they countered at $650. They were going back and forth and each time Victor placed a bid, they topped him. This went on for a while. Bubba threw in a good fake by showing Rick the info on his mobile phone, as if to say “hey, we can’t lose out on this scooter”. They drove the price all the way up to $1600, and then dropped the unit right into Victor’s lap.

Ricky and Bubba Smith had a great time running up the price of a storage unit against Victor Rjesnjansky, then letting him get stuck with the worthless unit after bidding $1600 for it.

The 3rd and final unit of the day was not real impressive looking. It had an Obama poster in it, and Ricky and Bubba joked that it would be a real “hot” item to sell in Texas. There was also a dresser and a box there as well, but that was about it.
Ricky got the bidding started with a $50 bid. It then went to Lesa for $75, then Victor for $100. Lesa came back with $120, Ricky went to $130, then Lesa ended it all with a $140 winning bid.

Lesa found a really nice dresser in her unit. She also found a pair of rattle snake boots, a rattle snake belt buckle, and a hat with a rattle snake band. She took these items to a country and western store to get the items appraised. The gentleman who looked at the items valued the rattle snake boots at $200, the rattle snake belt buckle at $100, and the rattle snake hat band at $125.

Ricky and Bubba inspected their storage unit and found lamps, a sofa, a coffee table, and a bag of clothes. Then they found something rather interesting. They identified it as a silver Zeppelin, and it had a door that opened up at the top. There was an insert that went inside of it, and a little glass jar that went inside of that. They thought it was an ashtray, but they were not really sure what it actually was. They took it to a couple of collectibles experts to have it identified and appraised. The experts told Rick and Bubba that it was a vintage inkwell, also known as a writing pan. These were used before the invention of the ball point pen. People would dip their pens into the ink inside the writing pan to write letters and documents. This was something very similar to what was used by the Founding Fathers for the signing of the declaration of independence. Ricky asked the experts what they thought it was worth, and they were floored when they were told it was valued at $7000! Ricky and Bubba have been very lucky. They scored a huge win with a unit they won on last week’s episode when they found some valuable Star Wars action figures.

Victor took his scooter to a local motorcycle guru who was well known in the area. He identified the scooter as being made in China and mass produced for college students. It did not have a key, it did not have a battery, and it was damaged. After learning that Victor did not have a key, or even knew if the engine ran, the motorcycle guru told Victor that it was essentially worthless. Victor was visibly upset because he paid $1600 for his storage unit. It was not a good day for Victor. Ricky and Bubba cleaned his clock bigtime.

At the end of the show, the results were as follows:

Ricky and Bubba scored with a $7630 profit.
Lesa Lewis and Jerry Simpson made $615 off of their storage unit.
Victor Rjesnjansky ended up getting shafted for -$1400, thanks to Ricky and Bubba.
Morris “Moe” Prigoff was not in this weeks episode, but they did show a clip of him at the end of the show.

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