Storage Wars Season 2 Episode 48 Hook, Line and Sucker

Inglewood, California was the location of this Storage Wars episode. Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz did not appear in this episode. The storage auction was near Hollywood Park Racetrack, so this gave Dave Hester the idea that something good might be found inside these units. Barry Weiss was optimistic about this auction as well. Nabila Haniss, who is not new to storage auctions, appeared in this episode with her brother. When the first storage unit was opened, it didn’t look all that great. Nabila spotted a Gucci bag, but she was not sure that it was genuine, but she definitely wanted this unit. Some of the other visible items inside were TV’s, mattresses, a coffee table, and a computer desk. Nabila threw out the first bid of $100. Darrell Sheets jumped in with $125. It then went back and forth between the two, but Nabila emerged as the winner of the unit with a $425 bid.

The second unit of the day was opened, and it looked really shabby. The bids started out really low on this unit, and none of the usual stars of the show were bidding on it. Only the nobodies seemed to want this unit. Then Barry Weiss got in on the action, and after a few bids, he ended up winning the unit for $320.

Unit number three was opened and it was packed full of furniture. It looked like another so-so unit. Barry made the first bid of $100, Darrell topped Barry, then Nabila jumped in with a $250 bid. Darrell outbid Nabila, then from that point on, the bidding bounced back and forth between Darrell and Dave. Eventually, Dave won the unit with a bid of $775.

Nabila Haniss
The lovely newcomer on Storage Wars, Nabila Haniss, with her brother. Nabila once bought a storage unit that belonged to Paris Hilton.

Nabila inspected her locker and it did not look real pretty. It seemed like there was nothing but worthless junk inside. The Gucci bag turned out to be a fake. She and her brother were going through everything, hoping to find something good that would at least get them to break even. When everything seemed hopeless, Nabila’s brother found an old pirate gun inside a dresser drawer. Nabila was quite excited at that point, and she took the pirate gun to be inspected at Gunslingers Gun Shop, in Glendora, California. The gentleman who looked at the gun said that it was a flint lock type of gun, but it was not an original pirate gun. It was called a Buccaneer Modell (that’s right, two ll’s in Modell) made by Hy Hunter, of Hollywood California, in the 1960’s. Nabila was not happy when the man told her that it was a “boat anchor”, and it was only worth about $100.

Barry Weiss tried to inspect the items he bought in his locker, but he couldn’t open it up! He tried and tried, and then gave up and went to fetch the man who worked in the storage unit office to help him get it opened up. It seems that a dirty old mattress inside the unit was keeping the door from being opened, and when they finally did get it opened, it fell out and nearly hit Barry. That would have been gross! With his trademark skeleton gloves, Barry went to work inside the unit trying to find something of value. He found a Singer sewing machine worth $25, and a nice wooden table. However, the legs for the table were missing, making it virtually worthless. It was looking like the $325 Barry paid for this unit was going to be wasted. Then, he noticed something packed in thin, narrow cardboard. It turned out to be some really nice horse racing-themed artwork from Hollywood Park, dated in 1938. He took the artwork down to Hollywood Park racetrack so he could have someone inspect it and give him an idea of what it was worth. Barry was ecstatic when he was told the artwork was really rare. The man who appraised it for Barry estimated that all four pieces of art were worth at least $5000! Barry ended up walking away from Hollywood Park a real big winner.

Dave Hester checked out his unit and there was nothing real exciting inside. He was working hard to justify his $775 investment. He found a 1950’s vintage table, a washer and dryer, and a telescope. He had three of his workers with “YUUUP” shirts helping him clean out the storage unit. Dave felt that with all of the odds and ends he found inside, he could double his money.

The winnings for this episode of Storage Wars are as follows:
Barry Weiss scored big on his artwork and made a profit of $4680.
Dave Hester made a $725 profit.
Nabila Haniss lost -$45
Darrell Sheets and Brandon Sheets did not buy a unit.
Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz did not appear in this episode.

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