Storage Wars Season Two Episode 49 Operation Hobo

Harbor City, California was the location of this episode of Storage Wars. Dave Hester pulled in with three large YUUUP! Trucks with “Dave Hester Auctions” proudly displayed on the sides of the trucks. He really went for the intimidation factor at this storage auction. Nabila Haniss commented that she was tired of the traveling circus coming to town. Barry Weiss showed up at the auction dressed as a hobo, and dubbed his new tactic as “Operation Hobo.” The first unit of the day was opened and the immediate things that popped right out at everyone was two dirt bikes. The motorcycles in the unit were being auctioned off separately from the unit because there was a lien against them by the California DMV. Darrell made the first bid on the bikes as soon as the auction began. Nabila promptly jumped in with her bid, and she and Darrell began to bid each other up. When the bidding got up to $1300, Dave Hester jumped in. After a couple of bids, Dave won the two motorcycles with a final bid of $1600.

The contents of the storage unit with the motorcycles had lots of tools inside, as well a generator and motorcycle parts. Nabila made the first bid on the unit, then Darrell and Jarrod Schulz, along with his wife, Brandi Passante, got in on the action as well. Dave jumped in, then it was an all out war between Darrell and Dave. They were really bidding up the price of the unit. Eventually, Darrell bid $6650 and won the unit when Dave decided that he had enough.

The second storage auction of the day consisted of a smaller, yet packed 10×12 unit. There were some really nice home furnishings inside such as a suede sofa, a nice dinning room table, a refrigerator, and a vintage Schwinn bicycle. Darrell made the first bid on the unit, and Darrell, Nabila and Jarrod all threw out bids as well. Dave made his bid when the bidding got up to $1700, and eventually Jarrod and Brandi won the unit with a $2100 bid.

Darrell Sheets lost $3120 on the storage unit he won, but he ended up sending Dave Hester home in three empty YUUUP! trucks.

The final storage unit auction of the day was a 5×7 unit. It was really pathetic looking. However, Barry was willing to take a chance on it. The first bid was $50 by an unknown person in the crowd, and Barry and this gentleman battled it out until Barry wore him down with a final bid of $300.

Darrell and his son, Brandon Sheets, checked out the unit that they paid $6650 for. When they first opened the door, Darrell commented that he felt that he paid too much for the unit, but he wanted to deprive Dave of the opportunity to fill up those three large YUUUP! trucks he brought with him to the storage unit auctions. Darrell and Brandon found mostly tools, but they also acquired a refrigerator, a generator, motorcycle parts, and an air compressor. It was looking like they were not going to break even on their investment. Darrell then found an old blowgun with darts, used by natives. He was hoping that it had some value, so he took it to Bamboo Ben, at Oceanic Arts Tropic Décor to have it appraised. Bamboo Ben said that the blow gun appeared to be from Borneo. He said that if it was authentic, it would be worth $1800. But, he gave Darrell the bad news and told him it was a replica, and that anyone could find these blow guns on the internet for about $50.

Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schultz checked out their locker, and it had some really nice home furnishings inside of it. It had that vintage antique bike inside as well. This unit was not a home run, but they figured that they could end up making about $500 off of everything.

Barry inspected his dilapidated locker hoping to find at least one nice thing inside of it. It was pretty pathetic. He found an old rice cooker filled with some kind of liquid inside of it. Everything else was junk as well, but when he noticed an old wooden box, he opened it up to find that it was some sort of old electrical medical device. There were other medical tools inside the box, including two old hacksaws. The label on the inside of the box read “Patent Magneto Electric Machine for Nervous Disorders” with a manufacture name of Davis and Kidder’s printed on it. This intrigued Barry, so he took them to a doctor to have these medical tools identified. The doctor who examined the items told Barry that one tool inside the box was actually a tooth key, used for tooth extractions. The electrical device was used for treating the tooth before extraction. And the handsaws were quite old, possible used for amputations. He estimated the value of the electrical device at $300, the tooth key at $350, one amputation saw at $100, and the other at $300. Barry took the chance and did really well with this hopeless looking unit.

At the end of this episode, this is how everyone fared:

Barry made a $750 profit.
Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante made a $500 profit.
Nabila did not buy a unit.
Darrell Sheets lost $3120.
There was no mention as to what profit Dave made on the motorcycles, if any.

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