Barry Weiss Storage Wars

Barry Weiss is one of the popular personalities on A&E’s Storage Wars television series. Storage Wars follows the events of four storage auction enthusiasts as they move from auction to auction. Barry Weiss stands out amongst the others in his own special way. Known for his sense of humor and stylish glasses, Barry is an antique collector and has been a collector since he was 15 years old. It’s a hobby for Barry, who has extensive knowledge of antiques, war relics, and classic cars. He is also one of the more creative and off the wall bidders. In one episode, Barry brought along with him Jay, a little person, (dwarf) and Jay made use of a pair of stilts with night vision goggles to get a better look into the storage units. In one particular unit, the other bidders only saw what appeared to be worthless junk. Jay told Barry that he saw something with curved glass in the very back of the unit. Barry placed the winning bid of $850 for the unit, and he discovered a rare, BMW Isetta microcar hiding beneath all of the junk. After consulting with an expert, the Isetta was determined to be valued at $4,000.

In another episode, former Death Row Records CEO, Suge Knight’s personal items were being held by a storage company. Knight was seven months behind on his storage bills. The storage company eventually held an auction in Simi Valley, California, and proceeded to sell off all of Knight’s belongings to recover his past due rent. Barry ended up purchasing several boxes of Knight’s possessions without even viewing the contents. After inspection, Barry discovered several of Knight’s custom made clothes, which Barry ended up selling for approximately $5,000.

In another crazy episode, Barry brought along two female psychics who said that they could help him with what they “felt” was inside the storage units. In one unit, the ladies said that they sensed something special, yet “dark” inside, so Barry bid on the unit and prevailed. When they inspected the contents, they found among other things, several shrunken heads. Barry then consulted a “shrunken head expert” and after close examination, it was found that the shrunken heads were not actually real. However, they were estimated to be worth about $50 each.

Storage Wars proves to be quite entertaining each week, and Barry is certainly one of the most colorful, and interesting of the bunch.

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