How to Make Money with Storage Auctions

During this terrible economic crisis, individuals are not simply losing their houses and jobs. Unfortunately, they are also failing to hold on to their self storage units. When people do not pay their storage unit bill after several months, the contents stored inside the unit are eventually auctioned off. The storage provider gets reimbursed for past due rents, and the buyer acquires all of the belongings within the storage unit. Even though this is a terrible situation for the person who lost the unit, this may very well be financially rewarding for you.

Storage auctions tend to offer people a fantastic opportunity to generate some additional money. It’s quite possible to acquire an entire storage unit for a very small amount, then resell everything for big bucks on internet sites such as Craigslist and Ebay.

The way in which a storage auction functions is straight forward. At most storage unit auctions, you will have the opportunity to place a bid on all of the items inside the storage unit. Some of the basic things you should bring with you to auctions are flashlights, gloves, a handtruck, and a truck to haul everything away. Individuals who purchase storage units are in most cases, required to move everything out on the very same day they purchase the unit. You should be prepared to move everything as quickly as possible.

Storage auctions typically proceed very fairly quickly. Storage auctions are either posted online, or in newspapers, and the general public is permitted to participate. The padlock on the storage unit is generally cut off when the auction commences and people usually have just a few moments to check out the contents, and establish if the unit consists of trash or treasure. Make it a point to check out the back of the storage unit as much as you possibly can. The most desirable possessions people have are generally tucked away in the very back. Ensure that you get to storage auctions early so you can get an advance viewing (if allowed) of the items that will be auctioned off. In most cases, the contents of the unit will not be viewable in advance, so employ your best judgment to ascertain what is essentially inside the unit.

The real excitement that storage unit auctions brings to people is the fact that there is no actual way of knowing what you may find inside. You may possibly end up getting something of value, or perhaps you may very well wind up with worthless trash. If you are determined, an aggressive individual can easily generate a decent amount of income from storage unit auctions. Incredibly, you may possibly even come across business equipment in a unit. This is not uncommon, and these types of units pay off very well. In some cases, restaurants will place expensive equipment in storage units when they go out of business. Mechanics and contruction workers will often store their tools and equipment in storage lockers. You never know what you are going to find. It’s truly sad when people lose their belongings. A person’s misforutune and loss can always be another person’s good luck, and gain.

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