Pawn Stars Season 5 Episode 10 Apocalypse Wow

This episode of Pawn Stars titled “Apocalypse Wow” opens with Rick and Corey waiting on  gentleman who brought in an etching by the artist, Albrecht Durer. Durer who lived between 1471-1528,  was considered the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance period. The gentleman claimed that he got the painting from his mother, and that it has been in the family for many years. Rick was not sure of the exact date that the etching may have been produced, but he estimated it to be from the 1700’s – 1800’s, based on the paper it was produced on. Rick asked the man how much he wanted for it, and he said that he wanted $2000 for it. Rick told him that he would give him $5000 for it, and the guy immediately came back with $6000. Corey told the guy he was kind of “screwing himself” by coming back with that offer, and Rick explained that he was just trying to be honest. Rick could have actually given the guy $2k for it and the deal would have been wrapped it quickly. However, the guy seemed to be a little greedy and wanted all that he could get. Rick told him that he would give him a final offer of $5500, and the guy accepted. Rick was taking a chance on buying it without having an expert look at it. After Rick sealed the deal, he took it to a buddy by the name of  Brett Maly, who is a  Fine art appraiser for Art Encounter, in Las Vegas. Brett confirmed that it was not an early engraving from the 1500’s, but it was authentic and produced sometime in the 1700’s. It was titled “The Knight, Death, and the Devil”. He stunned Rick when he valued his engraving somewhere between $35,000-$50,000. The most expensive etching from Albrecht Durer is titled ” The Woman’s Bath”, and it was appraised for 10 million.

The second customer of the show came in with a Spuds Mackenzie light up lamp. Rick and Chumlee waited on the gentleman. The Bull Terrier who played Spuds Mackenzie was actually a female dog, named Honey Tree Evil Eye. The commercial portrayed the dog as a hip, male dog who hung out with bikini clad women. Rick plugged in the lamp and it worked. He asked the gentleman how much he wanted for it, and he said he needed $100. Rick quickly shot him down with $40. The guy wanted more, and after a minute or two of haggling, he accepted Rick’s $40 offer. Chumulee went to write him up and the deal was made.

Pawn Stars- From Left: Corey Harrison, Austin (Chumlee) Russell, Rick Harrison, and Richard (The Old Man) Harrison

The third customer had a custom made trike. Rick and Corey drove out to his home to take a look at it. It had a 350 Chevy Motor and a turbo 350 automatic trans. It had stereo speakers, a Mack Truck horn, and it was really a nice custom trike. However, the guy wanted $5ok for it. He told Rick and Corey that he had invested over $100k in it. They decided to have Danny Koker, a motorcycle and automobile restoration expert, and owner of Count’s Kustoms to have a look at it. Danny said that it was a very nice trike, but it was only worth about $15,000 in today’s market. He felt that the guy put way too much money into it, and that it really could have been built for much less. Rick offered the guy $10,000, and the guy said that he could not take any less than $50,000. There was just no room there to make a deal, so Rick and Corey decided to pass.

The fourth customer of the episode was a lady who brought in a Daguerreotype Studio Camera. The camera was named after the inventor, Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre, of France. The inventor, Samuel Morse, was the first person in the USA to own this camera. After checking out the camera, Rick determined that it was not an early version of the camera made in the 1820’s – 1830’s. Had it been, it would have been worth more. It was made sometime in the 1890’s. Rick asked the lady how much she wanted for it. She said $5000, then Rick countered at $1000. After some negotiations, they settled on $1750.

The fifth and final customer of the episode rode in on his 2001 “Boss Hoss Trike”. Corey and Chumlee waited on the gentleman. Boss Hoss Trikes were established back in 1990, by aviator Monte Warne. This trike was really nice. It had a 57 Chevy rear section with tail fins. Less than 5000 were produced. Corey asked the man how much he wanted for it. He told Corey he wanted $50k. Corey told him there was just no way he could go that high, and offered him $14k. The man told Corey that the lowest he could go was $25k, and Corey told him that there was just no way they could make a deal.

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