Pawn Stars Season Season 5 Episode 8 Pony Up

In this episode of Pawn Stars, Rick and Corey waited on a gentleman who brought in a collection of items that belonged to former Attorney General J. Howard McGrath, including letters from Hubert Humphrey and  J. Edgar Hoover, his Secret Service credentials,  and a counterfeit $10 bill that had signatures of many people who were political figures at the time. As a side note, the Secret Service was created by Abraham Lincoln in 1865. Rick was impressed with the documents, but he was not sure if it was legal to possess the counterfeit $10 bill. Rick called in his friend, Mark, from the Clark County Museum. Mark came over and inspected the items, and he confirmed that everything was indeed authentic. He also informed Rick the $10 bill was illegal to own, and he suggested to the man that he turn it in to the U.S. Treasury Department. Rick asked the gentleman how much he wanted for everything, and he said that he wanted $1000. Rick offered him $400. The man said that he needed to get at least $500. Rick agreed, and he had Corey write the man up for the purchase of the items.

The next customer that came in had a Soundwagon record player. Chumlee and the Old Man waited on him. This item was made by Tamco Company, of Japan in 1970. This was a miniature Volkswagen Bus that had a needle mounted on the bottom of it, and it drove over the record and played the audio. It was really neat. The Old man asked the man how much he wanted for it, and he said that he needed $500. The Old man countered at $100. The guy told the Old man that he would split the difference, and asked $350 for it. The Old man thought about it for a second, then agreed. He told Chumlee to write him up.

The third customer who walked into the shop was a lady who had a Horse Race Analyzer. Rick and Chumlee waited on her. This item was made by Mattel Electronics in 1979. It was a little computer that figured out which horse was the best bet, based on the information fed into it. Rick asked her how much she wanted for it. She told him $150. After Rick explained to her that it was not really worth much at all, he offered her $10. She asked him if he would give her a little more, so she upped the offer to $11. She accepted, and Chumlee wrote her up.

Pawn Stars stars Richard Harrison "The Old Man", his son Rick Harrison, Rick's son Corey Harrison "Big Hoss", and Corey's childhood friend, Austin "Chumlee" Russell.

The final customer of the day drove in his 1962 M422A1 Mighty Mite Jeep. Rick and Chumlee waited on him. American Motors built the Mighty Mite From 1959-1962 the United States Marine Corps. The man told Rick that he bought it from an older lady who was selling it because her husband passed away. He completely restored it and it was very nice. You could eat off of the engine. Rick asked him how much he wanted for it, and he told Rick that he needed $23-$24k for it. Rick really liked the Jeep, but he wanted to have it checked out. He called in his buddy, Danny, the owner of Count Klassics in Las Vegas. Danny was really impressed with it. He and Rick took it for a test drive and Danny said that the Jeep was really awesome. Rick asked Danny how much he thought it was worth, and he estimated between $13-$15k. Rick offered the man $13k for it, but he said that he would not take less than $20k for it. Rick gave him a final offer of $14k, and the man refused, saying that it was just too low of an offer to accept. It was obvious that this man could probably sell it elsewhere to someone else for more money. It was in like-new condition.

Pawn Stars stars Richard Harrison “The Old Man”, his son Rick Harrison, Rick’s son Corey Harrison “Big Hoss”, and Corey’s childhood friend, Austin “Chumlee” Russell.

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