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Brandi Passante from Storage Wars, is the wife of fellow storage wars personality, Jarrod Schulz. Together they own and operate their own business, the “Now and Then” Thrift Store, on Tustin Ave. They live in Lake Forest with their two children. Jarrod previously worked in sales and also had a couple of failed businesses before getting into the thrift store business. He started out buying storage units from auction and he eventually ran out of room at home. They eventually opened up the thrift store and business has been better since the Storage Wars show premiered on A&E. The back and forth banter between Jarrod and Brandi is amusing. In her eyes, he can never do anything right.

brandi storage wars

Jarrod is more of a risk taker than Brandi is. She always seems to question Jarrod on his decisions. Sometimes he does well and comes out smelling like a rose, and then there are the times when he crashes and burns, and the comments from Brandi are quite amusing. Brandi has made some great storage unit purchases, even though Jarrod advised her not to go beyond their agreed upon bids. Sometimes that women’s intuition works well in her favor.

Do yourself a favor and watch A&E’s Storage Wars. It airs Wednesday’s at 10/9C. Check your local listings for time.

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