Storage Wars Season Two Episode 34 – I’m The New Mogul

Storage Wars Season Two Episode 34 was called “I’m The New Mogul”. The auction took place in Downtown Los Angeles. This was a different type of storage auction called a “vault auction”. Barry recalled the last vault auction he attended when he scored a big win on a vault containing rap CEO Suge Knight’s belongings. There were 9 vaults up for auction, all previously owned by the same person who went into default. Dave Hester went on a rampage, buying up all of the vaults, except the very last vault. Darrel Sheets and Jarrod Schulz joined forces in an attempt to stop Dave from buying the last remainingvault, the vault that contained the main control panel for the all equipment Dave acquired in the other eight vaults. Darrel got into a bidding war with Dave, then eventually won the vault for $1450. After winning, Darrell triumphantly declared “I am the New Mogul”.

Barry won the next vault at $700 which contained an eliptical machine. Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante ended up winning a vault containing unopened boxes on a pallet for $800. After opening up the boxes, they found several pieces of artwork with certificates of authenticity. Barry took the eliptical machine he won down to Venice Beach, California in an attempt to sell it. He showed it to one guy who was working out. This guy happened to know quite a bit about these machines, and the values. He told Barry the machines was worth $3600 at one time, then offered to by it for $1000. Barry declined, then took it around to other people on the beach in an attempt to sell it for more. After no success, he returned to the first guy who offered him $1000, and ended up getting him to buy it for $1500.

Dave Hester, Barry Weiss, and Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante on the "set" of Storage Wars.

Jarrod and Brandi found the artist of the paintings they won, and he gave them an estimates value of the nine paintings at $2910.
Not too shabby of a deal for only a few hours of work.

Darrell and Dave agreed to meet and discuss a deal concerning the storage unit vault that Darrell won containing the main control panel related to the equipment Dave won. Darrell offered it to Dave for $3000, and Dave said that he would rather die than to give Darrell just $1. The deal fell through, and of course, there was some harsh words exchanged by the two men.

At the end of the day, the final tally of the auction is as follows:

Dave Hester made $7000
Darrell Sheets made $6050 on his items, even without selling his vault to Dave.
Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante made $2100 on their paintings.
Barry Weiss ended up making $800 profit on his eliptical machine.

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